Malaysia Vehicle Registration Number JPJ (Interchange / Return)

Here are some guide,

Simple rules from Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia (JPJ)

1. Need two vehicle to perform this process

2. At lease one vehicle is NEW.

3.Both vehicle is under same NAME / OWNERSHIP as REGISTRATION TENDER FORM

HOW to?

If you guys have time to spend, it will takes RM 235 to setle this process (If u are buying one NEW Vehicle)
Which is RM210 for interchange process, RM5 for NEW vehicle Registration, and another RM20(Motorcycle) RM30(Car) for Inspection at PUSPAKOM


I personally have tender one registration number ABC 1234 under my name, and want to transfer to MY old bike (Register under my name) which do have it old registration number.

The process took place as i describe below;

1. Bring to PUSPAKOM for inspection (ask for “Pemeriksaan untuk penukaran no pendaftaran”) RM20 for motorcycle and RM30 for car. REMEMBER to keep the payment receipt

2. Walk to your prefered Motorcycle shop that provide this INTERCHANGE/RETURN service (For this service – Price varies from as low as RM400-1500). WHY it is so expensive? They need to register one NEW vehicle under your name, as the NEW vehicle will be second hand vehicle, which will drop its value. WHY again? as i said earlier, you need ONE NEW vehicle to perform this process.

3. So i found myself a shop that offer me RM550 for the new bike and its online process (K1 form), straight away i proceed, but with a such a lower price i need to send it by myself for registration.

4. After this SHOP setle all the document for registration and INTERCHANGE FORM, i pick all the document for registration at JPJ, here you need to pay the RM215 amount as i state early in this post, so the JPJ counter clerk do his job, they will give u TWO unit of Original Grant, which is for my case, one for the New SHOP bike and another one for my old bike.

5. After settle with JPJ, now you can change your registration number to new one, as for me, ABC 1234 proceed to PLate number shop for new NUMBER PLATE to attach to my old bike.

6. Proceed to your prefered SHOP, return the NEW bike GRANT for them as we just pay the small amount RM550 for us to register under out name. REMEMBER!! that bike is’nt ours. Be a gentleman to return it.

7. WOllaa!! its done. Total RM20 + RM 550 + RM 215 = RM785

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